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Although based in Edinburgh & Glasgow we perform all over Scotland, England, Ireland & throughout Europe. We combine the classic ceilidh dances that we all know and love with modern bass lines, beats, samples & effects, creating a sound which really gets the crowd moving.

Don’t worry if you have guests coming from overseas who have never ceilidh danced before. We can call/explain the moves as much or as little as required.

Disco James engineers sound & lighting during the band’s set. He is also The Ceilidh Experience DJ, and provides clients with his user friendly online music planning system where our clients can organise important tracks and requests in advance of the date. You will be provided with log-in details and you’ll be able to make changes online at any point. The new information will automatically be updated on the DJ’s system ensuring that everyone has access to exactly the same information at all times.

The Ceilidh Experience have worked closely with Disco James building and developing the show over the past years. As a result, the communication on stage is excellent and transitions between band & DJ seamless.

Having both the live band and DJ ensures a good balance and provides something for everyone.

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28 May

LIVE at Edinburgh Corn Exchange 2016 @sandybcamera @Ed_CornExchange @TeamNapier NormanMackay1 #ceilidh #rock

19 Apr

Tonight! @Edceilidh @Summerhallery @NormanMackay1 @Markguitarneal #ceilidh #edinburgh

08 Apr

RT @Edceilidh: It's nearly #ceilidh time! Check out all our upcoming events on our website: #tradmusic https://t.c ?

08 Apr

Ghillie Dhu tonight! @GhillieDhu1 #edinburgh #ceilidh

30 Mar

@DanMcLeodActor @Aldourie good to hear from you, That was a great night! #singingbutlers #vintagemalts

13 Mar

RT @sandybcamera: Smashed it last night filming @ceilidhmaster with @TeamNapier #tnball

12 Mar

Looking forward to rocking out The Corn Exchange! @TeamNapier #tnball #rock

11 Mar

Ghillie Dhu tonight 10:30pm @GhillieDhu1

31 Dec

RT @StramashEdin: #blogmanay @ceilidhmaster in Stramash tonight, just after the fireworks ? 12.30am-5am !! @ticketsscotland @Ripping2 https?

31 Dec

Getting ready to rock @StramashEdin tonight #Hogmanay #edinburgh

31 Dec

RT @StramashEdin: Tonight, @seabasskid 9pm free entry gig, followed by @ceilidhmaster at midnight ?7 advance tickets, @ticketsscotland @Rip?

15 Dec

RT @StramashEdin: The Ceilidh Experience in Stramash on Hogmanay from 12.30am-4am @NormanMackay1 @ticketsscotland @Ripping2 #Hogmanay https?

15 Dec

RT @Ripping2: Ceilidh Experience @NormanMackay1 at @StramashEdin 31 Dec on sale now

08 Dec

RT @StramashEdin: @ceilidhmaster Hogmanay hootenanny from 12.30am-5am on @edhogmanay for only ?7advance! @ticketsscotland @Ripping2 @edinb?

03 Dec

Tickets are on sale for our Hogmanay gig #stramashedinburgh

25 Nov

RT @Edceilidh: Nearly the end of another great #ceilidh here at @Summerhallery with @NormanMackay1 till next week

25 Sep

Looking forward to tonight's gig @GhillieDhu1 #ceilidh #edinburgh

14 Aug

RT @GhillieDhu1: Don't forget... Friday from 10pm we have our burly #ceilidh club with live music from @ceilidhmaster #edfringe2015 http://?

12 Jul

We're already excited about @GhillieDhu1 gig, next Friday 17th!

07 Jul

New gigs added to the FB page @GhillieDhu1 @justFestival

14 May

Great gig last weekend. celebs and camera crew loved it. Back @GhillieDhu1 tomorrow, with special guest @CarrieOnDancing on fiddle

11 May

Great night it was!!

09 May

Great banter last night with @CraigRevHorwood @k8_thornton @GhillieDhu1 #strictlycomedancing #highlandfling #ceilidh

26 Feb

Looking forward to rocking out this weekend. Ghillie Dhu on Fri & Nairn on Sat. @GhillieDhu1 @NairnCC #ontour #ceilidh

04 Feb

RT @apickledpiper: Great to catch up again with the one and only Norman Mckay @ceilidhmaster last night @EdinburghZoo

05 Jan

Burn's weekend gig details have been added to the gig diary: #rabbieburns #ceilidh #rock

17 Dec

New events added to gig diary: @NairnCC @GhillieDhu1

30 Oct

Halloween with The Experience tomorrow night! See you there :) @ceilidhmaster @GhillieDhu1 @NormanMackay1

11 Sep

RT @CarrieOnDancing: We're on the telly box again tonight :-) @bbcthisweek featuring the amazing @NormanMackay1 on accordion! (11.30pm BBC1)

03 Sep

New Ghillie Dhu dates just posted on FB @GhillieDhu1 @NormanMackay1 #ceilidh

28 Aug

The Experience @ Ghillie Dhu tomorrow (Fri 29th Aug) See you there! @GhillieDhu1 @NormanMackay1 #ceilidh

07 Aug

RT @GhillieDhu1: @NormanMackay1 looking forward to playing @GhillieDhu1 tonight 10pm!! #ceilidh #edfest #edfestival #edfringe

20 May

Ghillie Dhu of Friday (23rd May) 10pm @GhillieDhu1 @NormanMackay1 @EdinburghToday @whatsonednburgh #ceilidh

24 Apr

Fri 25th April, 10pm we're at The Ghillie Dhu, Edinburgh @GhillieDhu1 @NormanMackay1

13 Apr

Tue 15th April 2014, 8pm we're at Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, @Edceilidh @RoxyArtHouse

06 Jan

Our next Public gig is 25th Jan. Looking forward to rocking London: @NetilHouse #ceilidh

"The ceilidh was my favorite moment of the day! "

Kate Thornton 'Strictly Come Dancing Presenter'

"These guys rock! The one phrase that sends me to the bar, outside for a smoke or putting my head in a bucket is 'OK it's time for the ceilidh' but hearing this band I'll be in the front row, a life changing moment - bring them on! "

Eldon Zuill, 12th April 2014, Kinkell Byre

"Just a quick email before we head off to say a HUGE big thanks for Friday. You guys were amazing and everyone had such a great time! Thanks a million and hope to see you again soon. Best wishes, Donna "

Donna MacSween, 24th April 2015, The Hub